Сати Казанова стала жертвой мошенников
Singer requires offenders 12 million rubles.

Sati Casanova and his friend Eugene

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The stars of show-business
recent years have increasingly become victims of fraud. Now one of them
was and Sati Casanova. Singer estimates the damage caused to her by the crooks,
12 million rubles.

Recently, Sati turned to
lawsuit against the online store. As it became known, unscrupulous
the sellers illegally used images of the singer in advertising. As
according to the lawyer, hired by Kazanova, Sati did not give consent to the use of
her imagery. Online store thanks to photos singer led
successful trade clothing. In total, according to the lawyer was illegal
used 24 images of the singer. Casanova this state of Affairs was
extremely outraged and now in a judicial order demands from their abusers 12
million rubles.

Meanwhile, recently
Sati came out with a mysterious new guy named Eugene. However, in his
interview, the singer said that the satellite is its other and further
declined to comment. Casanova now all his free performances time pays
self-development. So some time ago it became known that the singer got
a certificate of yoga teacher.

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