Максим Аверин защитил честь Аллы Пугачевой
The star of the series “Capercaillie” got into a fight for the good name of the Divas.

Максим Аверин защитил честь Аллы Пугачевой

Maxim Averin

Photo: Mark Steinbock

The other day Maxim Averin
fans good news. Russian film set
writing his memoirs. According to Maxim, his work does not
autobiographical novel. He believes that his age just does not allow it
to draw a line of life. But the actor is very keen to share their memories and spicy anecdotes.

One of those stories
happened with Maxim when he was in school. Averin told how
once defended the honor of Alla Pugacheva. One of his classmates tried
to prove future star of the series “Capercaillie” that Donna smokes. And Maxim
categorically it did not want to believe, the result of a fight began, in which,
as believed Averin, he defended the honor of his idol. However, later he still
convinced that Alla Borisovna smoke was a little disappointed.

The book will be Averina
consist of his observations and reflections about life. He also admitted that he
been itching to get out of “stuck” to it. Now the head artist.
instead of his signature hairstyle “under a zero” flaunt blonde hair. To
he admitted that to return to “Grouse” he does not want. According to
Maxim, he didn’t like what I was doing colleagues Averina on the series after
his departure. But his work in the television series “Sklifosovsky” he was very pleased.

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