Sasha Zvereva can not forgive the father of my children

Саша Зверева не может простить отца своих детей The star of the ‘ 90s admitted that the former husband and his relatives have no involvement in caring for grandchildren. Sasha Zvereva she has three heirs. The singer welcomes the support of her mom and dad, as the boys no example of male behavior.

The star of the 90s Sasha Zvereva has three children – 13-year-old Vasilisa, eight-year-old Makar and polutorogodovalogo the Lion. Now she is not married and she has to take care of the heirs themselves. Moreover, even the closest relatives of the former spouse is not interested in how grown up her oldest son and daughter. Sasha is worried that her boys are growing up without fathers, and therefore would not mind if the older generation could be an example for children. Sasha Zvereva is in despair from loneliness

“Grandparents Vasilisa and Makara’s dad did not take part in the lives of children for many years, they forgot about them. Neither the Pope nor his parents are not interested in guys. My parents love my kids, every Saturday and Sunday we were in touch on Skype. They are interested in their life to the fullest. My dad likes to tell them what happened in the world, in Russia, in General, divided by all impressions,” – said Zverev “StarHit”.

Sasha is pleased that each summer, her parents arrive to visit and to see my grandkids. Zverev now has finally settled in Los Angeles. She is satisfied that the child of her heirs is in an area with a good climate and beautiful nature near the ocean.

Large mother encouraged by the fact that the daughter and the eldest son can speak Russian and English equally well. The star of the ‘ 90s is trying to educate children based on American traditions, but don’t forget about Russian habits.

“Many Americans are terribly spoil their children. Maybe not as much as I, for example, still Russian generosity manifests itself in me here. I noticed that now the Americans are showing far more care than before. When the child goes to College and leads an independent life, parents try to help their children. Still, housing prices in America are small and young can be very difficult. In my opinion, the trend toward early independence dies in the big cities, so it is now difficult for a teenager to pay for housing and study. I have a very spoiled children, and could not sleep at night, knowing that my child is malnourished or lives in a bad apartment,” admitted Sasha Zvereva “StarHit”.