Саша Стриженова произвела фурор на балу The girl flashed on the event home school. Users of social networks compared Strizhenova Sasha with Natasha Rostova. According to them, the successor of the celebrities looked amazing at the theme evenings.

      Саша Стриженова произвела фурор на балу

      16-year-old Sasha gets Strizhenova education at a prestigious school. The study does not prevent the girl to Shine at social events. Star parents – Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov – all support your beloved daughter. When Sasha first came on the catwalk during the show, Bella Potemkina, celebrity sat in the front row and supported its storm of applause. Then the heiress Stroganovyh made a splash. And on the days she was again the admiration of family and friends. This time Sasha flashed on prom night.

      Stars rate the debut of Sasha Strizhenovoj on the podium

      In his microblog Strizhenova has shared a photo taken in a special day for her and thanked all attending the event. It is worth noting that on a school night she looked very elegant and restrained. Strizhenova tried on a delightful white dress with open shoulders and complements your look lace gloves, string of pearls and a bow to match.

      “Thank you to those who became part of these crazy emotions. Best tradition from year to year! We did it with dignity, thank you, dear,” – shared the girl.

      The outfit Sasha Strizhenovoj reminded users of social media, the image of Natasha Rostova. No wonder, because the ball, which was attended by the girl, was thematic. He was ordained to the nineteenth century. In this regard the pupils of the gymnasium wearing exquisite gowns and the young men chose elegant tuxedos. By the way, the school in which the student Strizhenova regularly organizes such events.

      Earlier in an interview, Sasha frankly admitted that she has not always had a great relationship with classmates. A few years ago she became a true object of harassment by peers. During the conversation with reporters, she told that felt in school the constant aggression and hatred. Some of the kids were jealous of Sasha because she always participated in various shooting and missed school. Moreover, one of the girls started to configure all the students against the successor of celebrities. The result is Strizhenovoj boycott.

      However, Sasha was able to take the situation into their own hands and to resolve the conflict. According to the girl, helped her like her sister Anastasia. She gave the relative valuable tips. Anastasia told Sasha that haters will always be, so you need to be able to remain human and not to respond to provocation.