Алена Свиридова ограждает сына от женщин The singer intends to grow from a teenager to a real man. Last year, the younger heir of Alena Sviridova Gregory began studying in the cadet corps. The actress is glad he will not only get a good education, but also acquire the necessary life skills.

      The star of the 90s Alena Sviridova has two sons. The eldest heir for more than 30 years – he lives in Canada with his father, the first husband of the actress Sergey Sviridov. The youngest, Gregory, was born 13 years ago, when the singer lived in a civil marriage with a male model Dmitry Miroshnichenko. The couple split when the boy was only three years old.

      Despite the fact that many celebrities try to make the children’s lives as comfortable as possible and do not deny them the whims, Alena wants to grow up from the son the real man, who wouldn’t be afraid any difficulties. That’s why she pushed him to thoughts about a military career. It was in the cadet corps, in her opinion, the boy can take good example from other men.

      “At some point I realized that with my son too many women. And this is not good. Then I tossed him the idea, however, it was originally about the Suvorov military school. Grisha happy for her to grasp, but it turned out that we missed them. They take the fifth grade and never make the transoms. And then we found out about the cadet school. We went with son together to see what and how. And for a year he studied at the cadet corps”, – proudly told Sviridov.

      Alena just glad that my son is growing in severity. She believes that it will be able to form his character. The actress recalls that her childhood was also difficult when she had through the city to go to school, then do English language courses and music. Sviridov’s annoying that modern moms being overprotective of their sons. She believes that this method of training the boys is not suitable.

      Alena admits that initially Gregory was not easy to adapt in the cadet corps hard routine and new team. Sviridov is glad that her child will receive not only good education, but also acquire useful skills.

      “A lot of them good teaching, including independence, and the ability to solve some of their problems and responsibility for their decisions. The regime, of course, hard. But the mode is the most useful thing. They have a lot of activities and little opportunity for the stupid seat in the gadgets. In fact, the gadgets he gets on the weekends at home,” confessed the actress in an interview WomanHit.