Саша Стриженова сгорает от любви рядом с бойфрендом A young man travels to the USA together with the girl’s parents. Sasha Strizhenova recently celebrated its sixteenth birthday, do not hesitate, demonstrates his first youthful love. The parents of the young lady Ekaterina Strizhenova and Alexander have nothing against Hobbies daughter and younger have respect for the feelings of young people.

      Younger heiress known Russian actor couple Ekaterina Strizhenova and Alexander, sixteen-year-old Sasha for quite a long time Dating eighteen-year-old Anton Curiculum. The young people went to the same school. Now Sasha and Anton is the most wonderful and romantic period in the life – first love. Alexander does not hesitate to talk about their feelings, often showing the joint with Anton pictures in the microblog.

      Parents of young Sasha Strizhenovoj have nothing against this hobby, and with respect to the affair of his daughter and her chosen one. It should be noted that the Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov loved each other when they were at a very young age. The pair had been almost thirty years together, and is considered to be one of the strongest among the famous people.

      In these days of Christmas Anton Churek together with the family of his girlfriend was in America, in Los Angeles, and before the whole company went on vacation to Hawaii.

      Sasha Strizhenova shared the picture, which they depicted with Anton together. Lovers with undisguised tenderness look at each other, alone at a table in the outdoor cafe. She left the photo without comment, but everything is clear without words.

      “How nice to look at you, such a beautiful couple, I wish you Happiness!”, “So sweet!”, – responded to photo members Oleksandra Strizhenovoj.

      It should be noted that this is not the first joint trip of Sasha in the company of Anton and the girl’s parents. In this composition, they had a rest last summer in Greece.

      Sasha thinks she is very lucky with her lover. “Finest young man in the world” – daughter Stroganovyh characterizes the elect. Subscribers accounts Sasha in social networks, looking forward to more pictures of the happy couple. Many fans of star heiress waiting to see what the girls relationship with Anton is about to end big wedding. 15-year-old daughter Stroganovyh and her lover called the newlyweds

      However, Sasha’s father, Alexander Strizhenov said that his daughter is still too young for family life.

      “She’s only 16 years old, what wedding? Even thought these not. There is a young man who takes care of her, but yet it’s all part of friendship. The rest – fiction of the press. I Sasha was escorted everywhere, finger on the pulse of worry,” said the famous Director in an interview.