Sasha Spielberg in shame left the Studio talk show

Саша Спилберг с позором покинула студию ток-шоу Blogger did not make excuses in front of the audience. Sasha Spielberg refused to comment on the video, which are unable to answer basic questions from the curriculum. However, some did not see anything wrong with it and because without this knowledge have succeeded.
Саша Спилберг с позором покинула студию ток-шоу

Leading talk show “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov decided to dedicate the edition of the program celebrity in the popular social network “Instagram”. He invited people who have acquired incredible fame on the Internet. Among the guests were Sasha Spielberg. She told me that was the cause of her Hobbies.

“I think this generation is, the instinct was to shoot a video, put it on the Internet,” – said Spielberg.

Many experts in the Studio supported the girl who is popular with millions of school students. Sasha said that success does not come to her by accident – she tried very hard, did not spare time and effort to gain the trust of the fans.

“Eight or nine years, she assembled, removed, long-term work, high-quality content” – shared the secret of Spielberg.

Some guests in the Studio have suggested that many adolescents become bloggers because they have few friends in real life. However, according to Sasha, she and I were friends, although sometimes she felt lonely.

Dmitry Borisov was asked to comment on the controversial video blogger. For the record, Spielberg refused to answer the most basic questions that are known to all students. He asked the girl to explain her reluctance to show off their intelligence at the event, where she went on stage.

“Winning a chess game is called? – asked the host.

– I do not know, – said the blogger.

– The science of plants?

I do not know.

– The vast ocean? Don’t look at me like that!

Is not talked about!”

Sasha did not explain his behavior, and silently left the Studio. Dmitry Borisov was hoping that the girl will find the strength to come back, as the sofa she left her cell phone. The experts considered that she has a very sensitive soul. Some saw nothing reprehensible in the fact that Sasha couldn’t answer basic questions. Sasha Spielberg: “it is Terrible, when I came home the fans”

One of the spectators said that Spielberg is not worthy to be admired. He reported the incident that happened at the event. According to the young man, a man with a child approached her backstage to ask for an autograph, but Sasha began to swear obscene words.