Саша Project сыграла свадьбу The actress married businessman. Sasha Project did not advertise the celebration and invite your colleagues in show business. The singer and her partner had to fork out 21 million rubles to arrange an unforgettable holiday.
Саша Project сыграла свадьбу

Today it became known that the singer Sasha Project married businessman Sergei. The whole celebration took place on the territory of one of the hotels of the capital – “Triumph Palace”.

The bride very carefully prepared for the celebration. The wedding dress she sewed custom made from designer Anna mores. The artist was generous to look perfect, in a festive day on the outfit she’d spent a million rubles.

“Veil is made from natural weightless organza, and a corset made of natural satin. Dress is decorated with Italian handmade lace, natural beads and pearls. It is this combination of fabrics creates the lightness and airiness of the image. Decorated with pearls and stones make the dress truly luxurious,” said Sasha “StarHit” during the preparation for the wedding.
Саша Project сыграла свадьбу

Engagement rings in a marriage is also not cheap – the groom gave the darling ornament is made of white gold with 22 diamonds, the cost of which amounted to 266 thousand rubles. Also, a man gave a piece of jewelry with a stone five carats two and a half million.

Sasha and Sergey decided not to attract too much attention to your celebration – a wedding they did not call members of the press. The fact that the singer tries not to show the groom the General public. The holiday was only in a circle of relatives and friends who had gathered about a hundred. Colleagues from the show business was not on the guest list for the event.

Саша Project сыграла свадьбу

As it became known, the whole wedding cost Sasha and Sergei in 21 million roubles. Apparently, the pair were not sorry to part with a large sum of money for it to be perfect. Sasha Project: “the Father of my children abandoned us”

Apparently, after the honeymoon, Sasha is going to be back on stage. The artist has removed the new clip, in which the main role was played by the new husband. The singer had to interrupt his career due to a series of unfortunate plastic surgery. Most recently, she won the case against the clinic and again went under the surgeon’s knife to correct errors made by physicians.