Actor Nicholas Slichenko hospitalized

Актер Николай Сличенко госпитализирован 82-year-old artistic Director of the theater “Romen” was delivered in one of capital clinics. According to the latest information, artist diagnosed with a serious neurological disease. Nikolay Alekseevich have to go through many months of treatment.

The seventh of July was hospitalized a famous actor Nicholas Slichenko. According to media reports, the artist became ill at home, after what his family called an ambulance. Star of the Soviet cinema was taken to one of the best capital clinics. Soon he was diagnosed with a serious neurological disease.

Now Nikolai is in the hospital under constant medical supervision. Doctors insist on the necessity of many months of hospitalization and intensive care, however, to give an accurate diagnosis refuse.

The news shocked fans of the famous artist. They were quick to wish him a speedy recovery. “An incredibly talented man! Nikolai, come back soon on stage”, “Hope you get well soon and get back to the family and to the theater,” – wrote fans Slichenko.

Despite his advanced age, 82-year-old Nikolai has always differed good health. He tries to attend all performances of the “Romen”, often appearing for the final bow, together with the company.

Nikolai skillfully combined his work in film and on the stage. Perhaps the most notable is his role — Fits Bessarabets in the movie “Wedding in Malinovka”. The last time on the big screen Slichenko appeared in 1998, then he played in the film “martial romance.”

After that, the actor has decided to focus on working in the theatre “Romen”. Now plays the Gypsy collective are very popular, not only in Russia but also in abroad.

Slichenko became part of the troupe Gypsy theater “Romen” in 1951, having for half a century to try dozens of bright, unusual roles. In 1977 Nikolay Alekseevich became artistic Director of the team. Now the troupe are his wife, daughter and niece.

In addition to acting and directing activities, Slichenko known as a singer. His songs enjoyed great popularity, and at the time, the artist even created a Gypsy course at the Theatre Institute named Shchukin.

According to the portal Life now the status of honored artist of the USSR stabilized. However doctors do not rush to make predictions regarding the recovery and discharge Slichenko from the hospital.