Сэмюэл Джексон считает афроамериканцы страдали больше других темнокожих

Actor Samuel Jackson made a very strange, like a black man, the statement. The actor complained that in Hollywood movies too many “black” and that blacks suffered more than blacks European countries.

The scandalous statement by the artist made on the radio show Hot 97, discussing with leading the long-awaited action adventure Jordana Here-Robertsa “Kong: skull Island” in which Jackson got one of the main roles, they switched to a new tape, Jordan Saw “Off”, the main Rodi which starred British actor Daniel Caluya.
Samuel said that for afroamericanas the theme of mixed marriages, about which there is a speech, more painful than, say, black British.
“Camelia come from a country where for hundreds of years, interracial marriage is the most common thing. Such actions of the Directors — a big mistake, because “American brothers” for whom this topic is more tangible, much better could be used in a particular dramatic way,” said Samuel