The DoppelgangeR Ryan Gosling took the award for “La La land” at the ceremony in Germany

Двойник Райана Гослинга забрал награду «Ла-Ла Ленда» на церемонии в Германии

During the ceremony, awards of The Goldene Kamera Awards in Germany, instead of Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling came on stage his double.
According to the online news, a hoax staged by the German comedians Yoko Winterszeit (Joko Winterscheidt) and Klaas, Heifer-Umlauf (Klaas Heufer-Umlauf), who introduced the organizers of the ceremony by the Agency, the ability to contract with a Hollywood celebrity about the arrival.

The organizers until the end were confident that the stage is the real Ryan Gosling to accept an award for his new film “La La land”.
In the end, on the stage instead, he went double stranded by a cook from Munich Ludwig Leiner. He took the statuette and while stunned the audience came to himself, dedicated the award to comedians, cast of the organizers of the ceremony. Sitting in the auditorium colleagues Ryan, Jane Fonda, Nicole Kidman, and actor Colin Farrell, who surely know what he looks like, were amazed.
The presenter, who did not fully understand what it was, had to apologize to the public for Gosling impostor. Now in The Goldene Kamera Awards will significantly alter the safety procedure.