Самбурская примерила сексуальное свадебное платье

The actress has published in his microblog a picture in which she appeared in a luxurious wedding outfit.

Nastasya Samburski shared with fans another provocative photo. This time the actress decided to shock the audience, wearing a sexy wedding dress. Perhaps Samburski seriously thinking about the wedding and may have decided just to get a little ridiculous.

The picture shows the star appeared in a very sexy and sensual wedding dress bustier classic milky color. Bright accents image, bright blue manicure and hair shade of Indigo – Nastasia is clearly trying to keep up with fashion trends. From jewelry to actress you could only see the ring decorated with sparkling wings.

The wedding dress was very becoming a star. Fans are sure that Samburski will be a beautiful bride, especially in such a seductive toilet. However, who will be the groom of the actress is unclear. Perhaps, the vacant place will be the boyfriend nastasi, Alexander Ivanov.