Salma Hayek reminded fans as she danced in a bikini in 2004

Сальма Хайек напомнила фанатам, как она танцевала в бикини в 2004 году

Сальма Хайек напомнила фанатам, как она танцевала в бикини в 2004 году

Salma Hayek really knows how to rock! The actress, nominated for “Oscar”, last Thursday on his page in Instagram shared a video, which was the passage of the 2004 film in which she starred.

Salma Hayek, 53 years old, really knew how she was excellent in 2004. The actress made itself felt in Instagram November 14, and received unbelievable feedback from its users. Salma shared excerpt from the film “After the sunset” in 2004 in which she dances and spins around on-screen boyfriend. 38-year-old Salma in the video dressed in unrealistically candid bikini top with a fitted mini skirt that showed on the video of her stunning Breasts. “A long time ago… when I was skinny”, so Salma signed the clip before to write the text in Spanish. “Érase una vez … cuando era flaca #TBT”.

Сальма Хайек напомнила фанатам, как она танцевала в бикини в 2004 году

Although Salma didn’t think she was “skinny,” the actress still looks absolutely incredible! 29 Oct Salma has published on his page in Instagram a series of photos to share with his fans a part of his vacation. She was clearly in some wonderful place, as was evident in her charming smile and the scenery around her. The first photo shared by Salma showed a beautiful woman sitting in the grass holding hands, their swarthy, sun-tanned legs. The Salma was super stylish pink-red bikini. “I really like sea turtles on the beach,” she signed the post, which was the Emoji of a turtle. Salma looked absolutely incredible.

Should I remind you that quite recently this Latin American beauty has surprised his many fans, put in Instagram where she’s in a blond wig posing in the shot with Ryan Reynolds. However, her fans still loved her more in the image of the consummate Frida. “Yes, Ryan, I’m using your birthday to post this photo where I look amazing, and you somehow not very. And also I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you were going to send me some of their signature gin (Ryan owns a small production of gin) for my birthday which was a few months ago. And, by the way, happy Birthday,” he signed it a big note on October 23. It is for this startling frankness and cute sassy – we love this talented beautiful rebel.
Fans of Salma had the impression that it absolutely never gets old. Now she looks just as amazing as in 2004, and fans love to see her new photo. We know her fans can’t wait to see what beauty will be placed from the network next time!

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