Райан Рейнольдс вместе с 5-летней дочерью обедают в одном из ресторанов Нью-Йорка

Ryan Reynolds spent a pleasant day in new York with his 5 year old daughter James. He and 5-year-old beauty was out to lunch on 26 January, and the picture could not be more cute and pretty.
What a selfless and a crazy dad! Sunday, January 26, 43-year-old Ryan Reynolds spent his free time with his eldest daughter James, age 5, during a walk in the afternoon in Manhattan. Actor, starred in the sci-Fi film “Deadpool”, walked the streets with my daughter on my shoulders, working on his full muscles of the hands, pulling of his fans deepest delight. He looked ready to fight with the icy cold and winds in his blue jacket-down jacket with matching baseball cap and white sneakers American company “Converse”. The actor made their way glasses with thick lenses and black frames. What a sweet couple!
James looked particularly enchanting, swaying on the shoulders of the father in the children’s versions jacket-down jacket father. She was also dressed in a pair of mint green rain boots and warm cute white cat hat with tiny knitted ears. The Duo looked as if they were full-on, enjoyed a Sunny day, but a few people from their already large family is clearly not enough. Ryan’s wife Blake lively, of 32 years, his second daughter INES, 3 years old, and their baby girl, whose name still remains a secret, and nowhere on the public has not appeared.

Blake and Ryan, as they did with their first two daughters, were kept secret any details about his third daughter. But they really took the baby with him for Breakfast in new York on January 10. The actress, who played the role in the Comedy drama “Jeans mascot” was wearing a green winter jacket and black leggings when she was a girl pressed them to her chest. She used the blanket to fully cover the baby so the paparazzi couldn’t photograph her face.
A little closer, they were photographed on one fuzzy picture when they were inside, and the blanket fell. But Blake kept the baby Reynolds under his cloak were visible only the upper part of the head, including eyes, a nose, and white, with green-yellow accents hat.
Blake revealed her third pregnancy until until she was at the time of the mid-second trimester. She debuted her rounded belly in a yellow dress when walking the red carpet at the premiere of the cartoon Ryan “Detective Pikachu” may 2, 2019. She reportedly gave birth at the end of the summer, but that the public was told only at the beginning of October 2019.

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