Райан Гослинг исполняет желания

Ryan Gosling — not only skillful but also handsome actor, which fans of many girls. In many cafes and various public institutions popular cardboard version of Ryan. If you put a little effort and the right to use a cardboard likeness of the actor, you can “summon” him for a Cup of coffee! Joel Murray has revealed the secret.

In Toronto, a small coffee shop called the Coffee Grinder Gerrard. The institution is a cardboard version of Ryan, because the café owner Joel Murray actor loves! On the eve of the Toronto film festival, where it was supposed to come her favorite actor, she staged a flash mob. From 1 September, Twitter began to receive invitations to Ryan for a Cup of coffee, which was accompanied by photographs of guests and the Murray with a cardboard version of the actor. The owner even made sure to get Ryan safely and quickly get to places from your hotel, leaving the social network map.

After 10 days, Ryan still went to the cafe! He admitted that the messages were seen, but the final decision to accept help of his mother, which he could not refuse. She was touched by the story of Joel.

By the way, this is not the first actor who tried to lure a coffee shop owner. In 2017 Murray have already tried to “lure” me to visit for a Cup of coffee British actor Idris Elba. However, he has not appeared in the institution. But Ryan was a good sport. And imagine the popularity gained, and the profits of the coffee house increased.

Ryan likes to bring not only joy to people, but animals. He madly loves four-legged friends, and was very upset after the death of a family member. His dog died in December 2017 at the age of 17 years. “He was a good friend of mine,” admits Gosling leading Ellen, who also loves animals and has three dogs that was rescued. The star of the movie The Blade Runner 2049 told the audience that his dog traveled with him everywhere and was present on every shoot.

When his friend George began to be old, he looked like “an aging rock star,” joked Gosling. “He was both skinny and thick, with long hair and no teeth, open sores — but still sexy.”

As Ryan shared funny stories that remain as memories of the departed animal.

“It is ridiculous to say “dog” because there was such feeling, be it George considered it beneath his dignity to be a dog,” says Gosling. “He didn’t perform any tricks. If you want that at least he sat down, it had to be some way to convince him that it is in his interest.”

Here it is a cute Ryan Gosling!