Новое интервью Энрике Иглесиаса: об Анне Курниковой, детях и славе

After having children, Enrique Iglesias feel really happy and gained many valuable experiences. It helped him become much more open. He constantly puts in his instagram cute videos with kids and gives interviews. For the second story about the personal life Iglesias gave in the TV show Un Nuevo Día.

Новое интервью Энрике Иглесиаса: об Анне Курниковой, детях и славе

Talking about his personal life. Iglesias argues that prior to meeting Anna kournikova couldn’t even imagine such long duration relationship. “She’s funny, independent, not yielding to difficulties. And to be honest, before I met her I could not think that such a long relationship. I used to have a lot of different girls, but it was not serious.”

“I like my new life. Now, when I’m working in the Studio and time is 20.00 I am home. I want to see my wife, children, learn what they did all day, I don’t care about anything anymore at this point… Now I have to constantly look for new ways to entertain the kids because their smile makes me the happiest person in the world. It charges me with positive energy for the whole day, I can’t stop smiling himself. What could be more important than this?”

Despite the fact that Iglesias is now devoting more time to my family and besides her to think about anything can not, it is still popular. However, to get used to it it is not so simple. “I still can’t be surprised that someone wants to touch me, someone can wait for me at the hotel an hour or a day, someone needs a picture of me that someone wants to kiss me. It’s amazing!”

After the birth of twins Iglesias got a lot of life experience. “Of course, now I better understand my parents… But I don’t think that there is only in my children. Some wisdom comes with age, no wonder parents often say, “You’ll understand it when you’re my age”. I would like to become first of all a friend to their children, especially when they reach the age of 12, 13, 14, 15 years. I well remember themselves and their friends at this age, parents are usually not interesting. I really hope that our family will be different”.

By the way, but before Enrique was even arrested for driving without a license…Ah, youth.

It happened in Miami in 2015, when a celebrity and his tour Manager were on a closed highway. No one would ever know about that Enrique rides without a license, he let the ambulance, as required by the rules. But Iglesias ignored her and was stopped by the police.
Until the guard approached the car, the singer and his Manager was trying to switch seats, but it did not go unnoticed. The policeman quickly determined that the driver’s license Enrique has been delayed by six months, and therefore Iglesias and his Manager was taken to the local police Department.