Rustam Solntsev wants to take Olga Buzova with Roman Abramovich

Рустам Солнцев хочет свести Ольгу Бузову с Романом Абрамовичем
Recently everyone was shocked by the news about the separation of billionaire Roman Abramovich with designer Daria Zhukova, the couple has been together for 10 years.

Рустам Солнцев хочет свести Ольгу Бузову с Романом Абрамовичем

Infamous Rustam Solntsev could not pass this event. He believes that now is an excellent match for Abramovich could be Olga Buzova.

Рустам Солнцев хочет свести Ольгу Бузову с Романом Абрамовичем

“What Abramovich, Zhukova, always go with a sad expression on his face – apparently, even their great money they are not happy, – says Rustam. – Roman Arkadyevich, I understand and I love you, you are very rich and cool people, but not the same life, my youth, walking with such a person. Want, I’ll introduce you with the girl at the end? There’s a light, I ask her to, she will record you a video, she can do everything – Nagiyev have a chance to practice. It’s all smooth, beautiful, he could kiss. I mean Olga Buzova. I assure you she will rock! Well, I’m calling Buzova? And then the day will hold!

So Abramovich will have to court, it will be tabac to walk. Yes, and he is well – Olka lighter, not that this Zhukov – as it is evident that it is boring. As our films are generally pretty dead… And it Buzova will be on tour with a drag, the song will devote him – that’s fun. Then the kids give birth, Ola’s time, and Abramovich, most likely, will not mind: he has three marriages, has five heirs, one less, one more – what’s the difference, right? And how Tarasova anger twisted by this turn of events, Mama do not cry! He is a ordinary girl found, from the province, and Abramovich is to you not huhry-muhry, never ashamed the grandmother on the bench to demonstrate!”

Rustam believes that Olga and Roman Abramovich will be the perfect pair.

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