Rustam Solntsev spent half a million rubles on vacation with my mom

Рустам Солнцев потратил полмиллиона рублей на отдых с мамой The showman went to the island of Barbados. Rustam Solntsev and his mother having fun on the Caribbean sea. A man has posted a tidy sum for the opportunity to give mom an unforgettable journey.
Рустам Солнцев потратил полмиллиона рублей на отдых с мамой

Exemplary son Rustam Solntsev often pleases his beloved mother is traveling abroad. In recent years the man and Valentina S. had six times to go to new York and Miami. This pleased the reality star went with mother to the island of Barbados to soak up the Caribbean coast.

“Flying with a transfer, first to new York and then to Bridgetown, capital of Barbados, – says Rustam. – First day, mother was in the room came from the road, and I have, apparently, the flights have already developed immunity, I do not get tired and the whole day was walking through the area. The local situation reminds me very much of the city of Nassau, capital of Bahamas. This is not surprising because both cities are subordinate to the American flag. Paying in dollars, though they do have local currency. There is almost no Russian, and who has already managed to say Hello to me or even make a photo for memory is very nice.”

Рустам Солнцев потратил полмиллиона рублей на отдых с мамой

For fun eight days to spend in Sunny Barbados Rustam gave a tidy sum of half a million rubles.

“Yes, relax there is not cheap, says the sun. But I don’t regret the beauty here is incredible. Also I do not mind that I travel with mom – I like her a lot fun and it does not bother me, although friends and acquaintances every time I am surprised and twist a finger to his temple, when we go somewhere together. Like, why do you need this? It would be better with someone close to them departed… And me with her mother on the buzz, I am very happy to see the native resting. She raised me, I owe her a favor and always happy to see her joy from the gifts that are presented to her. Besides, mommy I have modern, advanced, not kluska some. We always have something to talk about, something to discuss and a good laugh – she’ll say something, I’m falling from her humor.”

Rustam hopes the rest will help him finally recover after surgery – recently, the entertainer underwent blepharoplasty and on his face are still visible traces of surgical intervention. “Because of this, I can’t go to the beach without glasses – not below the sutures direct sunlight,” says Solntsev.