Рустам Солнцев сообщил о том, что было на кастинге "Голоса"
Recently Rustam Solntsev said that is sent to the casting of the TV project “Voice” on a General basis.

Рустам Солнцев сообщил о том, что было на кастинге "Голоса"

Now the showman, decided to tell how it was. According to Rustam, he sent his application to the show and invited him to audition, which he was very happy.

“In recent years, I’m very good at “singing”, because I always am events including singing. Moreover, I have actively visited the vocal coach, who praised my vocal skills, told me I had beautiful velvety voice.

The Commission I was immediately out once I log in, some of the members of the jury cried: “O Rustam! He came?” I sang two songs – “do you Want?” Zemfira and track in English. But I was not selected… I’m sad, but my self-esteem was not damaged: I’m too old to cry over such things. But if I were to be selected for the next round, I would be the happiest person in the world. I think that the jury is still a little formally reacted to my statement, because I would have been a decoration of this contest, would add he of Comedy and humor,” shared sun.

Apparently, Rustam will try myself in next seasons competition, and may be we will see him standing on stage in front of the back seat of the mentors.

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