The star of “Kitchen” Nikita Tarasov has shed light on personal life

Звезда «Кухни» Никита Тарасов пролил свет на личную жизнь The artist has shared information about the second half. Nikita Tarasov, who carefully hides his passion from the public, broke the silence and told that his heart is occupied. Earlier man was thought to have an affair with a mysterious stranger.
Звезда «Кухни» Никита Тарасов пролил свет на личную жизнь

37-year-old Nikita Tarasov woke up famous after the release of the series “Kitchen”, in which he played the role of the pastry chef, Louis. The artist tries not to dwell on his personal life, preferring to keep it secret from the public. At the party, MIFF male intrigued fans that appeared at a social event in the company of a charming stranger.

Tarasov recently gave an interview in which he shed light on personal life. The man frankly told that at the moment he is in a relationship. However, the star of the hit show is in no hurry to share the details of his novel and to talk about the second half.

“My heart is busy. Very busy. Seriously you say. That’s just my personal space to remain personal. I’m not one of those people who on your wedding party will get all the secular journalists. I think it is important not to stick out that part of life which is not related to public activities. But hiding is not hiding. Those concerned than I am today, had Breakfast in what manor were walking – you are welcome to my social accounts on the Internet. In personal life, we need harmony,” said the actor.

Reporters also noted that Nikita is an eligible bachelor. In turn, the man does not think that a long stay in such status. Probably, Tarasov does not exclude the possibility to legalize the relationship with the second half in the near future. However, whether so it, will show time.

“Titles are not looking. All the will of God. Actually I’m an introvert and a sociopath. And this is not the most enviable character trait,” added the man.

Recall that in April, the screens out the long-awaited film “the Kitchen. The last battle” with the participation of Nikita Tarasov, Dmitry Nagiev, Dmitry Nazarov, Oleg Tabakov, Cyril Kovbasa and many others. And in the nearest future role of the French – the completion of the filming of the picture “Draft”. In addition, Tarasov takes part in the work on the film “Abigail”.

In a recent interview with Nikita also spoke about how he prefers to spend his free time. In recognition of the fact that it inspires the architecture. Therefore, the man often walks in the suburban estates. “They are some kind of special magic. In night clubs is not pulling” – quoted Tarasova