Rustam Solntsev grandson Pugacheva: “Nikita, you’re a Freeloader! In 26 years I had parents”

Рустам Солнцев внуку Пугачевой: «Никита, ты халявщик! В 26 лет я уже содержал родителей» The showman spoke to the musician. Solntsev says that Nikita used to getting everything for free and live at the expense of others. Male Presnyakov advised to give more time to self-development.
Рустам Солнцев внуку Пугачевой: «Никита, ты халявщик! В 26 лет я уже содержал родителей»

Wedding of the grandson of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov, which took place at the end of July, has become one of the most discussed topics among his fans. Reporters asked the relatives team leader Multiverse, how much was the triumph, and the young man eagerly shared details on the Youtube channel. Nikita was combined by marriage with beloved Alena Krasnova, with which they have met for several years. Later Presnyakov told me that he really wanted to give a holiday to his girlfriend, so was ready to go for this much.

In the traditional weekly column “Mother dear” showman Rustam Solntsev expressed their position about the creation of Nikita, and also noticed that the heir to the famous family has behaved dishonestly towards those who helped him to arrange a grandiose wedding. Behind the scenes of the wedding ceremony presnyakovym

“You know, as a child I had a friend, red. He studied in the correlation class… No analogies with Nikita Presnyakov at all. He is here for a wedding recently played. Honest piercy. Well, not quite honest. They say that walking in someone else’s. And then for those people who have helped him, he snapped,” said Solntsev.

In the short video, shared Rustam, he casually called him a Freeloader, but then tried to explain.

“Well, what are you a Freeloader? You’re just famous grandson and fortunate son. You are 26, you know at that age I have fully kept their parents, it was “on me”. And you all “prosahatili”. Volodya, Christina, Alia is constantly on tour. Where’s the tour going, buddy? You’re so cool, at Kohl Baskov ran? All right, grow!” – said the showman.

We will remind, in the comments to one of the last posts of the young rocker said that people who like Nikolay Baskov, will not be able to appreciate his songs. Nikita Presnyakov publicly humiliated Nikolai Baskov

“To learn to capture in this music not just noise or op, you need to really develop as a musician, then you’ll see the most complicated guitar and drum parts, as well as complex vocal position. Fans of this music genre can perceive and classics, and jazz, as classical, jazz and metal three complex musical genre. As the saying goes, from classical to metal one step. If you listen to stupid pop music, there is nothing more difficult for her brain is, alas, not learn”, – this position is held by Nikita.