Rustam Solntsev dreams of a child

Рустам Солнцев мечтает о ребенке
Recently a former member of the home electroni of the country Rustam Solntsev celebrated their 41 anniversary.

Рустам Солнцев мечтает о ребенке

Some time ago he admitted that he is ready to find a surrogate mother who bears his child. Rustam is not going to build the relationship, but the child had long dreamed.

“I’ve been wanting to become a dad, said Solntsev in an interview with “StarHit”. But family life sick and tired, the woman do not even need me. But the child needs! So I decided to resort to the popular method today surrogacy. Recently did my friend “hired” a woman gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Also want to be babied!

Рустам Солнцев мечтает о ребенке

Dream on fat boy, to get it to run on the bar. If there is a wish to bear a child for money, write “Direct” on Instagram. But there is one condition: according to the documents, the baby should belong only to me, to share it with anyone not going. Breast feeding – and goodbye. Education will do itself”.

Now all my free time Rustam dedicated search Agency that provides surrogacy services and hopes that this year it will be a child.

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