Рустам Солнцев раскритиковал Ксению Собчак
Recently in the Internet appeared the video, in which Ksenia Sobchak impartially speaks about the persona of “House-2”.

Рустам Солнцев раскритиковал Ксению Собчак

This video has caused a lot of noise.

In the end, to stand up for their colleagues decided ex-party show Rustam Solntsev. He felt that the ugly so to speak about those with whom I’d spent ten years of his life.

Рустам Солнцев раскритиковал Ксению Собчак

“Xenia, my dear, my love, for ten years I watched you with lust, says the sun. – I caught every word, and I thought you’d be the person that where we lead, give us the right commandment, but everything finally fell into place…

You’re somewhere between Dolzhanskaya, the Crown and Nastasya Samburski in its endless designer clothes. Tell me, please, that’s where we come in? It’s really what you wanted? This is the level that you have achieved and not jump higher? Xenia, che, so I swear to you that something is not right… All these clothes, dresses, skirts, and between them – glumes in his “Instagrame” it is unclear with whom over harmless Buzova and a little bit of me. Ksenia, a need to change something… I love you, please come back, you we all very much needed. I love you!”

We will remind that Rustam Solntseva video blog, which he started some time ago, has become very popular in the Network. There he discusses various media-persons, expressing his opinion regarding some points.

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