Рустам Солнцев призвал Марину Африкантову покинуть «Дом-2» Showman said that the girl should give up the telestroke, because the project the Marina will not be able to build love and to find a decent one. According to Solntsev, she did not Shine in a relationship with 18-year-old boy.

Marina Afrikantov is one of the most popular member of the scandalous TV project “Dom-2”. She is on the project for more than two years, but was never able to find happiness. Now she builds relationships with Roman Kapakli who is younger than her nine years.

Friend Africanoboi, Rustam Solntsev could not remain indifferent to this situation. Showman has recorded a video addressed to the girl.

“Marisha, look, you turned into a fierce Mama. You them there have not breast fed in the clearing of these nineteen-year-old macho?” said Solntsev.

Rustam said that it was he who invited Marina at the show, so she feels some responsibility. He encourages the girl to think again and to leave the project, because, in his opinion, Africanoboi unlikely to make love in front of cameras.

Showman recalled Marina and that her ex-fiance, Andrey Chuev, has found a new passion.

“Andrey Chueva appeared young sweetheart. They have everything, seriously, he’s her grandmother introduced, and you’re there. Marina, I brought you in “Dom-2″ at the time, I’ll lead”, – firmly said Solntsev.

Recently fans really know about that, Andrey Chuev has found happiness next to nineteen-year-old Victoria. A man does not get tired to admit the girl in love, stressing that it struck him to the core.

Andrey Chuev had introduced her to grandma

We will remind, Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev met a little over a year. Autumn 2016 man proposed to sweetheart, but before the wedding it never came. As a result, Chuev left the project.

Now Afrikantov increasingly emphasizes that happy with a new boyfriend. She regularly puts pictures together with the Affair on Instagram by sharing feelings with the fans.

However, many fans of girls are skeptical. They believe that the novel does not fit the Marina, and they should leave. “He’s not worthy of you”, “the Guy’s cute, but not distant. Afrikantov deserve better” – shared the opinion of fans of the star couple.

Despite the appeal of Rustam Solntseva and negativity from some subscribers, Marina clearly does not intend to abandon the controversial project. She is now happy in a relationship and young age of the beloved she doesn’t care.