Павел Воля публично посмеялся над женой The showman made a witty parody of the Laysan Utiasheva. Will Paul showed how his beloved woman sunbathes on the beach. The trick husband amused famous athlete, which is perfectly sense of humor.

The famous showman Paul Will and his wife, the accomplished athlete Laysan utiasheva is considered one of the strongest among the famous couples. It is obvious that the star wives very good sense of humor. Rosie understands jokes husband and appreciates his wit and ability to laugh at himself over it.

Will Paul made a parody of all the ladies who loves to be photographed in moments techniques sunbathing. The prototype for the story was, of course, the beloved wife of Will, in which she is depicted lying on a sun lounger in her swimsuit.

Showman filigree reiterated the position in which it is like to be photographed ladies, borrowing for this hat and glasses to my better half. That’s just a swimsuit Paul decided to ignore, but that only gave piquancy to his burlesque picture. It is noteworthy that Laysan utiasheva not only mad at her husband, and also published his photo in his microblog next to his picture.

“Sketch Pavel Volya on the topic of how we, girls, do photos on the beach,” commented frame Laysan utiasheva.

Subscribers athletes this passage very amused. They admire favorite couple and I wish them to protect each other. “Pasha, well, you’re such a fun class!”, “Rosie, you and Pasha stepped on. Look how adorable it turned out, And the Pasha would be a beautiful woman”, “You are the coolest couple of all time! An example to all fathers and mothers, and to all lovers. Keep it up, guys!” “You are so cute. Love and be loved”, “Lovely, you are just lovely. Take care of each other”, – such comments leave fans of the star couple.

We will remind that Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva for five years happily married, they got married in 2012. A year after the marriage ceremony, the athlete gave her husband a son Robert, and in 2015 was born the daughter Sofia. Celebrities are doted in his heirs, but did not seek to bring publicity to all that is connected with them. “We protected children from cameras and camcorders because they are irresponsible age, respectively, cannot say they want to be photographed or not,” – said the athlete “StarHit”. Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya showed the grown daughter