Рассел Кроу мстит Тому Крузу на съемках новой «Мумии»

The divorce of Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman, took place more than 15 years ago. Then, for the actress it was a very difficult period in which most it was supported by her friend and countryman Russell Crowe. Seeing how hard it is for his friend, Crowe hated the man who made Nicole suffer. He was, of course, Cruz.

Recently, fate has brought the two actors on the set. Tom and Russell were approved in the draft of the reboot of “the Mummy”.

As they say eyewitnesses, this cooperation was given to Crowe and cruise easy.

Crowe, known for his directness and lack of diplomatic skills, constantly at all makes it clear to Cruz that has not forgiven and is not going to forgive him.

By the way, in a short time a list of men in the doghouse Russell may get another name. Nicole is again in the midst of talk and predictions about the imminent end of her second marriage with musician Keith urban.

The reason for the frequent squabbles is jealousy and envy. According to Australian publication New Idea kit often complains to Nicole that her career is much steeper than his, and that she failed to fulfill its promises more to sit at home and not removed.