Робби Уильямс продезинфицировал руки сразу после прикосновения к фанатам

To touch his idol, the dream of every fan. But how would you react when your pet immediately after shaking hands with you would run to disinfect my hands?

It was Robbie Williams for a Christmas speech broadcast by the BBC.

Williams during a performance of the song Auld Lang Syne came up to the fans and greeted them with a handshake, and then returned to the stage and… started treating his hands with antibacterial gel, while portraying a fastidious grimace.

Video of the entire process immediately spread through the Network and then the users were divided into two camps: one felt that the artist was quite right to do so, because he might be a germophobe. Others were confident that Williams could clean his hands if he was unpleasant contact with the fans, but this should have been done more delicately, perhaps just for a few seconds, turning away from the audience.

Reference: Germophobia (mysophobia) – fear of the possibility of Contracting germs through contact with another person or object. In other words, the fear of germs and the infections they can cause. So germophobes appears afraid to make contact with others – they perceive it solely from the point of view of the danger of infection. It is also fear of the possibility to get dirty dirty (even conditionally – long lying on the shelf) clothing, dirt, dust, and other things that can dirty media phobia. Another symptom, which manifests itself through this phobia is the fear of dirty hands, which is manifested through an obsessive desire for purity.