Russell Crowe may star in a new version of “the Mummy”

Рассел Кроу может сняться в новой версии «Мумии»

To the choice of roles Russell Crowe always comes with great responsibility. On account of the actor not frivolous characters, all his heroes are intelligence and wit, and sometimes historical importance. Previously, we’ve seen Crowe in “Gladiator” and “Noah”, “Les Miserables” and “beautiful mind”. Now the actor with the big share of probability can appear in a mystical reboot of “the Mummy”.

It is reported that Russell was offered a role in a new film version of “the Mummy”, where the Central character will play Tom cruise.

Who, exactly, will help to recreate Russell, is not specified. We only know that the character Crowe will be in the style of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Note that before Universal studios made an offer to Russell, they reviewed hundreds of candidates, among them Justin Kroll, Tom hardy, Eddie Redmayne and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

On the big screen reboot of “the Mummy” is due out in June 2017.

It is worth saying that the plot of the film to date is not entirely clear. There is a version that in the new film about the uprising of the mummy it will be about mummies-a woman who set out to avenge himself and about “fur seals”-the Navy seal who accidentally find yourself embroiled in this mess.

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