«Русфонд» о суде с родными Жанны Фриске: «Это вынужденная мера» In the organization are going to find the missing millions collected for treatment of the singer. Representatives of the charity hope that proceedings on the resonant case will be impartial.

      «Русфонд» о суде с родными Жанны Фриске: «Это вынужденная мера»

      Became aware of the fact that the “Rusfond” appealed to the court in order to clarify the fate of missing millions collected for treatment Janna Friske. To charitable organizations emphasize that this measure was forced.

      The family’s lawyer, it is Called “the Money shot of the singer some Joan Shepeleva”

      A statement of the Fund adopted the Perovsky court of Moscow. This was reported on the official website of the charity. According to the “Rusfond”, relatives Friske refused to provide documents which confirm that the donations would go to pay for medical services.

      According to the materials at the disposal of the organization, the treatment of celebrity had spent a small part of the total amount of 25 million rubles. The Fund is not able to determine the exact amount of funds spent to help the star.

      “We deeply mourn the death of Jeanne. Appeal to the court in this situation – the measure is only a necessary, but necessary in order to clarify the fate of the donations, the remaining unutilized, it is possible to return them and to guide treatment of critically ill children. We understand that the judicial process will touch on very sensitive issues, usually do not allow public intervention”, – says the official website of the charity.

      In the “Rusfond” note that an appeal to the court was dictated by the principles of the organization, which it should be for two decades. “For the period of its activities “Rusfond” has collected more than 9.1 billion rubles. All the money is spent solely for the purpose of rendering high-technology medical aid”, – say representatives of the charity.

      On the website “Rusfond” also reported that the organization hopes to an impartial court, therefore, refuses any comment on the merits of the dispute. In addition, the Fund does not intend to take part in the events dedicated to the discussion of this topic.

      Earlier, the charity appealed to the Investigation Committee with a request to inspect the circumstances of the expenditure of the funds transferred for treatment Jeanne Friske. Then by results of trials the police refused organizations in the criminal case. Later the Foundation appealed this decision.