In Moscow are preparing to say goodbye to Dr. Lisa

В Москве готовятся проститься с Доктором Лизой Experts identified her among the victims of the crash of Tu-154. The working group, which was engaged in DNA examination, has identified about 70 people aboard a plane flying to Syria.

      В Москве готовятся проститься с Доктором Лизой

      According to several sources, experts have identified a DNA examination of more than 70 people killed in the crash of Tu-154 plane on December 25. The group responsible for the identification of all the victims of the tragedy, continues its work. Became known the cause of the crash of Tu-154

      “To date completed the identification procedure, more than 70 of the victims whose relatives are acquainted with the results of the examination,” confirmed a source in the Bureau it is judicial-medical examination.

      Among the people who flew from Sochi to the base in Syria, was the founder of the charity Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka. According to some reports, the experts identified the body of the deceased woman.

      Many people who are grateful Glinka for her work and assistance to the needy, still can’t believe she is no longer living. Just after some time after the news of the death of a charity worker in a Network there was a documentary Lena Pogrebizhskaya on the work of Dr. Lisa. In the film, the author tried to show what actually was this woman. “Dr. Lisa too had moments of weakness”: a close about Elizabeth Glinka

      “People like Dr. Lisa, impossible in the present day. Without people like her, today is impossible. Such people should not die, and they die, for making my life so much good as possible for human life – though she had a hundred hearts in reserve, to love, and a hundred lives in reserve, to all enough” – so write about Glinka in social networks.

      According to a source from the environment Dr. Lisa, she was buried 16 January in the Novodevichy cemetery. With the other victims of the tragedy will also say goodbye to all the honors. According to reports, roughly a funeral will be held on 14, 16 and 17 January.

      “According to preliminary information, 50 of the victims will be buried at the Federal military memorial cemetery in Mytishchi near Moscow, which had previously been buried assistant Anton Gubankova Oksana Badrutdinova”, – said a source familiar with the situation.

      Recall that recently the media started talking about the possible cause of the crash. Some publications noted that the crash of Tu-154 plane, EN route to a charity mission to Syria, could occur from-for errors of pilots. Defense Ministry this information is not confirmed, noting that it is too early to draw conclusions.