Руперт Гринт страдал от депрессии после «Гарри Поттера»

Rupert Grint played the famous red-headed klutz in films about the “boy who lived” and amassed a multi-million dollar fortune. However, as recognized by the actor himself, it did not make him happy. On the contrary, after the shooting of the franchise, he suffered from depression, but his colleague, who played Harry Potter went to alcohol.

Руперт Гринт страдал от депрессии после «Гарри Поттера»

Magicians, Rupert and Daniel steel 11 and 10 years respectively. After the first game, Harry and Ron became great celebrities: acquired popularity and army of fans. It all lasted until the last part was released.
To pursue an acting career was difficult. Directors saw Rupert and Daniel the ill-fated Harry and Ron, from which the actors for a long time could not get rid of. In the end, Rupert fell into a depression, and Daniel began to seek solace in the bottle. About their experiences at the time, recalls Rupert in an interview with Radio Times: “I can barely remember my life before “Harry Potter”. It was quite a strange time, I was fully involved in the process. I think I lost the real me along the way. Sometimes I wanted to be invisible and just go in, say, a barbecue with friends. But it’s hard to do so far. So thank you all see in your character, and at some point you realize that he hardly shared by himself and his character. After “Potter,” I do not know what I want to do. I did not leave feeling like I missed a lot of normal everyday things. I lost touch with most of my school friends. I would like a normal life, so I took a break. I’ve never been superambitious. I think doing a project, I wanted a lot to prove especially to yourself, but at the same time I understand that are ordinary, insecure man.”

Indeed, Rupert missed a lot. For example, at the time of filming the actor was forbidden to do the operation on the tonsils. The Directors feared a long time Grint will not be able to play in the recovery period, and his voice may change. So the first thing that made the actor after filming is done for tonsils operation.

As mentioned above, money can not buy happiness. According to foreign media reports, during the franchise Rupert earned about 28 million pounds. Although the actor figures are not known: “Honestly, I didn’t think… the Exact figure I will not tell you, I just don’t know, even approximately. Money is not my main motivation in work. They help you to feel confident, better with them than without them. And I’m glad I have them, but I do not focus on your wealth.”

I hope now the actor is feeling much better, because we can already tell a substantial role in addition to Potter: Cherry bomb, moon Scam, sickness and others. Soon you’ll see the actor on screen. He starred in the mini-series “Killing by alphabet” based on the novel by Agatha Christie along with John Malkovich. The world premiere of the project is scheduled for December 26.

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