Royal press service has appointed Meghan Markle personal Secretary

Королевская пресс-служба назначила Меган Маркл личного секретаря
The Prince’s bride will not have to plan anything.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, the bride of Prince Harry, the younger grandson of the British Queen Elizabeth and fourth in the series of heirs to the throne, leap approaching to full membership in the Royal family. 100 days before the may wedding with Prince future daughter-in-law of Prince Charles by the Royal decree of service, Kensington Palace has got aides experienced spokesperson. Amy Pickerill been working in the Royal family. And her duties will now include the schedule of activities in which to participate will be Meghan Markle has the status of an official member of the British Royal family.

Personal assistant of the future wife of Prince Harry formally subordinate to his press service, but obliged to devote his work to his wife. Schedule of business meetings and travel, correspondence, are all part of the duties of Amy Pickerill. And appointed her to Megan before the wedding, because Prince Harry with the permission of the grandmother the Queen already takes a bride in a business trip. He has long been preparing Megan for the hard life in the role of a member of the Royal family and wants to, she perfectly knew everything he was supposed to. For example, on the eve of Valentine’s Day the Prince was scheduled to visit in Scotland. And with him there went the bride. Looks like Megan copes with its role. Not worse than famous for her series played the role of a paralegal.

But now she has an assistant. That’s just unknown whether it will participate in the preparations for the wedding of the Prince and Megan. The bride and groom clearly given to understand that all decisions related to this important in their life event, they would take themselves. Without the intervention of someone else. For example, we already know that Harry is not going to exclude from the invitee list any of his relatives. In particular, he will invite to his wedding ex-wife of Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, has long become a persona nongrata at court because of her high-profile divorce from the son of the Queen. Prince Harry is friends with her daughters, princesses Eugenia and Beatrice, and does not intend, unlike his brother William and his wife ignore their mother.