Roxette the soloist leaves the stage due to the effects of cancer

Солистка Roxette уходит со сцены из-за последствий рака Group cancels world tour. Scheduled for September concerts in Russia will take place. Soloist Roxette Marie Fredriksson regrets that because of health she could not continue concert activity.

      Солистка Roxette уходит со сцены из-за последствий рака

      For fans of Roxette fell on hard times. On the official group page in Facebook reported that the world concert tour cancelled. The tour was to be a jubilee, because this year marks 30 years since, as the horizon up the star Roxette. Fans around the world eagerly waited for this event and prepared many surprises and flash mobs for their Pets. However, life has disposed differently.

      A recent survey of lead singer Marie Fredriksson showed that the star contraindicated further touring. Undergone in 2002, surgery to remove a brain tumor, the singer has been careful all these years for their health. Marie took courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to secure a positive result. Recently, however, the effects of surgery were evident. In recognition of the singer, she started having memory problems, in addition to walking has become difficult.

      “It was amazing 30 years! I experience only joy and happiness when I remember a previous tour. All these shows will forever remain a part of my life – appealed to fans of Fredriksson on Facebook. Unfortunately, for me the tour is over and I want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing fans who have been with us this long and thorny path”.
      Солистка Roxette уходит со сцены из-за последствий рака

      It is noteworthy that Marie is not going to halt creative activity. Soloist Roxette will continue to participate in the recording of the songs of the band. Fredriksson added that is looking forward to the anniversary of the album “Good Karma”, which will take place in June. “I think it’s our best record,” she said. How will now take place the concerts of Roxette is that the participants of the replacement group or soloist will play with full squad, is still unknown. Now all their prayers are directed to Marie returned to health.

      Russian fans are very saddened by the news about the cancellation of the tour. In our country, Roxette were supposed to arrive in September. The members of the band cherish the gift from Russian fans – a set of dolls with the image of their faces.

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