Розе Сябитовой преподнесли необычный подарок Present even provoked envy from the fans. Rose Sabitova was delighted presented from surprise. Main matchmaker of the country prefers a practical and necessary things in the economy.

      Розе Сябитовой преподнесли необычный подарок

      Main matchmaker of the country rose Sabitova has shared with his fans quite a surprise with the plumbing. But as it turned out, co-host of the program “let’s get married” received a rather unusual gift – the toilet. Despite the fact that such gifts may not be so romantic, however, Sabitova could appreciate such a surprise. She did not hide his delight, and hastened to tell about the advantages given to her plumbing.

      “I get a lot of gifts as a sign of respect for me, and it was glad that the girl was the first time my Barbie doll. A gift that is not only beautiful, but also washes, dries and warms. Someone will say that this is nonsense. Can be! But I like when in my life there are “smart things,” said rose with tens of thousands of followers.

      An unusual gift which was received by the matchmaker, has aroused the envy of subscribers. They felt that this wonderful gift will really be useful on the farm, and some dream about the same toilet at home.

      Smart camera for smart Rose!”, “I also just want to go home”, “Cool”, – shared his impressions of fans.

      Rose Sabitova prefers a practical and necessary gifts. Not so long ago at the wedding of his daughter she gave a really useful gift. Xenia and her husband Andrew matchmaker gave the possibility to equip the kitchen in their family home. Daughter Sabitova happy that mother guessed the need of a young family.

      Rose Sabitova has revealed a new apartment for her daughter

      “She knows how I like to cook and the kitchen – my favorite place in the house. The most remarkable was that the kitchen we with Andrey have chosen for ourselves, for our taste. The principal terms of Andrew was that headsets were not gaudy and not bulky, in a classic style. Because of this, my husband even had a little – I wanted a green kitchen, but the husband flatly refused – saying, in this kitchen will be a constant feeling that we are visiting grandmother,” said “StarHit” Ksenia.

      Rose seeks to make her children lived in comfort and abundance. For the sake of their well being she is even ready to tie the knot, so as not to deprive the son and daughter of the greater part of the inheritance.

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