Екатерина Волкова восхитила смелым фото в купальнике Fans in awe of the chiseled shape of the star of the TV series “Voronin”. Ekaterina Voronina is sunbathing by the pool while showcasing your the envy of the form. “How do you keep such a stunning figure?”, – I ask the actress subscribers will her microblog.

      Екатерина Волкова восхитила смелым фото в купальнике

      Actress Ekaterina Volkova who became popular due to the role of Faith in the TV series “Voroniny”, showed what great shape she is in.

      These June days star together with her husband Andrei Karpov spends in a country SPA hotel obviously attracts the glances of men. A place that Ekaterina Volkova husband and I chose to stay, has led the actress to a complete delight. “Guys were here for Friday buzz! And I’m just looking around, but ecstatic! 45 km from Moscow, and the feeling that we are abroad”, – shared his impressions of star “Voronin”. But podeschi microblog Catherine admired not hotel, where she spends an outstanding weekend, and the who the celebrity was accompanied by your enthusiastic post. It depicted Catherine sunbathing by the pool. She is completely relaxed and obviously relishes exposing his perfect body hot rays.

      Slim waist, flowing lines, flat stomach – shape 34-year-old Ekaterina Volkova can cause not only admiration but also envy. Subscribers will star immediately showered her with compliments.

      “Krasotulechka!”, “Waist super you”, “What slim!”, “Katyusha, how do you keep such a stunning figure? Please share your secret, please!”, write loyal fans Volkova.

      Catherine was not in debt left and then in the comments thanked everyone for their compliments on her appearance, however, the secrets of their magnificent forms make.

      However, just over a year ago, Ekaterina Volkova said in microblogging, throwing his weight through hard detox, which arranges itself periodically. So, for the may holidays in the past year, the actress, by her own admission, managed to gain four pounds. To create a visual effect of harmony some time, she even had to hide behind the striped bag. Ekaterina Volkova recovered and trying to hide the extra pounds

      But then Catherine broke up with excess weight because of the detox. “The main thing is to survive the first few days, which consist of almost all liquids. This is a tough detox, baby! But I see the goal – do not see obstacles!” – shared the star in his secrets of the return of harmony.

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