Роза Сябитова исполнила горячий танец со стриптизером The TV presenter celebrated its 55th anniversary. Rose Sabitova threw a great party for friends, inviting them to a French restaurant on the ruble. Guests of hero of the day was waiting for a lot of surprises. In an unexpected role appeared and the heroine of the occasion.

      10 Feb co-host of the popular program “let’s get married!” Rose Syabitova is 55 years old. Teleshko never hid his age, counting the years his wealth.

      Rose Sabitova moved the celebration of his birthday for a whole week and on Saturday staged a lavish feast for friends, inviting them to the French restaurant La Colline, located on Rublevsky highway. To congratulate the presenter with the anniversary came Larisa Guzeeva, Irina Slutskaya, radio host Alisa Selezneva and others. Guests of the celebration were waiting for a lot of surprises. There was an unforgettable light show, delicious food and fun till you drop.

      The rose Sabitova in one of the moments of the party appeared in unexpected roles. Friends of the presenter gave her a very creative gift, inviting a celebration of the stripper who danced for the Roses. Surprise impressed the star and she immediately shared the video hot dancing in the microblog.

      “While waiting for pictures from my birthday, for mood post friends gift”, – commented on the video rose Sabitova.

      The young man in the image of a Spanish bullfighter first fell at the feet of the hero of the day, and then began to hug her shoulders, worn on the hand, circled in the dance. “Well, finally!”, exclaimed rose Sabitova, when a half-naked macho touched her. Joke of the presenter praised her guests. In the hall there was laughter and loud applause in the address of the guest of honor. Rose played up to his unexpected gentleman was very organic in the dance with him.

      It should be noted that on the feast of the rose Sabitova looked like a real film star. Luxurious floor-length dress emphasized her slim figure, beautifully styled hair and gorgeous evening makeup – it was all very out of place.

      Its 55th anniversary rose Sabitova came up with a solid baggage. She’s successful and is among the most famous women in the country. Leading one of the most popular programs is now engaged in furnishing the family nest. Sabitova not long ago acquired a plot in the suburbs, where building a house in which to receive guests and delicious to treat you how she likes it and knows how to do. Rose Sabitova built luxury gazebo with fireplace at the cottage