The environment of Marina Fedunkiv secrets of her past

Окружение Марины Федункив открыло тайны ее прошлого It turned out that the actress had to fight with the opposite sex. Classmates Marina Fedunkiv said that she locked the boys in the bathroom and dyed my bangs with hydrogen peroxide.

      Окружение Марины Федункив открыло тайны ее прошлого

      The popularity of the actress came after the role of mother of nick in the TV series “Real boys.” Later, in 2013, she became a resident of Comedy Woman. But this active star has decided not to stop: at the end of last year, the premiere of mini-series, “Girlfriend”, in which Marina co-starred with the singer Anna Pletneva. As has found out “StarHit”, to become known Fedunkiw had dreamed of since childhood, though classmates because of this laugh at her, and she mercilessly beat them.

      Heavy hand

      Despite the fact that a future star was born in Perm, the childhood she spent in Ukrainian village Demyanov, Galich district. Dad Marina Gabriel F. felt that the girl should grow up in the village and sent her to her grandmother. There Fedunkiw went to school.

      “Marina is a comedian from birth, recalls her classmate Igor Nakonechny. – We were friends. Nasty childish, played each other, the buttons teachers were planted. At recess playing cards. The Marina in General was the ringleader, was very fond of the company. But it was better not to anger her. Only hit so distributed. Her hand heavy.”

      According to Igor Nakonechny, Marina the easiest was given to the arts and Humanities. Well she wrote essays and was able to come up with on the go. “Sometimes it seemed to us that she plays more than live in real life, – Igor continues. – “Well, you’re an actress!” – said Marina teacher”.

      Окружение Марины Федункив открыло тайны ее прошлого

      The village was only eight years old, because Fedunkiw had to study in school № 2 in the town of Burshtyn, which is located just two kilometers from the dem. “Since Marina came to us from village schools, inner city kids immediately took it, – says a friend of the actress, now Director of the educational institution Natalia Weekdays. – We were teenagers. Someone put themselves above someone below. Marina teased by the boys. Were trying to oppress, kicking, pulling hair. But she always knew how to stand up for themselves. Marina was a dense girl, strong and beating guys to be healthy! Once shut down the offender in a closet while she went to class. The boy was sitting locked up until someone from the faculty is not heard his cries for help. After that, the homeroom teacher Olga Dudeskin made her a stiff reprimand, and parents were summoned to school by the time they have moved. Marina calmed down a bit, but after a week I continued to make fun of. Several times she locked her classmates in the toilet. After some time, the guys still accepted it and ceased to hurt”.

      Because of the endless shenanigans in the characteristic student of Marina Fedunkiv homeroom teacher wrote: “some imbalance, temper, very emotional, but sincere and sensual girl.”


      Окружение Марины Федункив открыло тайны ее прошлого“Brisk, humorous, and flirtatious… She was the real soul of our company and many like – continues Natalia Weekdays. – But because of her strong character the boys were afraid to tell her that in order to receive the next slap. It was in love my neighbor Igor Dobrovolskiy. He said: “Marina is such a cool, fun, but here’s how to screw her?” Fedunkiw always looked good. At that time it was fashionable to whiten fringe. Marina was one of the first who etched hair using hydrogen peroxide”.

      Future star forgave the bizarre antics because she was in the Komsomol Committee. “In that time held many different events: “well-ka, girls!”, “The best theater room”, the contest of wall Newspapers, recalls classmate stars Irina Swing. Marina everywhere participated. In Soviet times, these girls were like gold – the real activists. By the way, she drew better than anyone in the class.”

      Окружение Марины Федункив открыло тайны ее прошлого

      However, the curriculum in Burshtyn was much more difficult than in a rural school. Tenth grade Fedunkiw graduated with only five in physical education, three in physics, and all other level – four.

      “Marina always said to be an actress, – tells Natalia Weekdays. – A bellow: “Well, what of you the artist! Go out on a thermal station in Galicia to work.” But she’s still achieved. Well done! Now watch the Marina on the TV. And in dem’yaniv, by the way, still lives with her mother. We see each other occasionally. They are similar in nature with her daughter Valentina emelyanovna the same talkative, likes to joke. Now, however, retired, cannot walk, but to leave familiar surroundings wants. Age is not the same”.