Rose Sabitova feels guilty before the deceased husband

Роза Сябитова считает себя виноватой перед умершим мужем
Famous country matchmaker rose Sabitova first married to an engineer Michael Sabitova.

Роза Сябитова считает себя виноватой перед умершим мужем

In my first marriage, Rosa had two children, a son and a daughter.

In 1993 Sabitova was left a widow, her husband died of a heart attack.

Now, the star blames himself for not been able to give her husband the necessary love. According to Rose, she didn’t marry him for love.

“I honestly said I didn’t love it. To which he replied: “Nothing. My love enough for two!” I figured that Michael to me is a good option. My marriage was of convenience, zamechena on intuition, I have this quality well developed. Judge for yourself, boy from a good family, an only child, parents are educated people, he has an apartment, car, cottage. But I go to the coat lining. I’m not stupid, I guess?” – said the presenter.

Rose now understands that marriage made a lot of mistakes.

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