Роза Сябитова решилась на очередную «пластику»
This time the presenter did a facelift.

Rose Sabitova

Photo: Press service

Rose Sabitova ventured into another anti-aging procedure — it
did non-surgical facelift.

TV presenter does not hide that is well groomed and
from time to time uses the services of plastic surgeons.

“For public people — sure rose is OK to do so
a person remains fit and attractive. Also, I wonder
try the newest methods on itself, so to speak to be a pioneer in the field of beauty. I fully
and fully rely on the choice of his doctor-cosmetologist Olga, work
for a long time. She, by the way, speaking the name frost. So I often
joke that frost has frozen my youth.”

Recall, the first plastic surgery TV presenter made
forced. After the star lost a lot of weight, then her Breasts have lost
form. She decided not only to tighten the breast, but also to increase it to the third

Sabitova on our laurels is not stopped, and soon decided
to adjust the shape of the buttocks. “The principle was quite simple, —
shared rose. — Cut off all the excess by introducing lipolytica in areas of fat
sediments, rejuvenate the area, and then simulate it. However, the procedure
painful, but it was worth it”.

Rose also regularly makes the so-called “beauty shots”,
to get rid of wrinkles and improves the complexion.