Rosario Dawson in childhood raped

Розарио Доусон в детстве изнасиловали

38-year-old Rosario Dawson is actively involved in the movement against harassment called “Me Too”, but shares a bad experience she didn’t hurry. As it turned out, a child actress rape, so harassment she knows like no one.

Розарио Доусон в детстве изнасиловали

“As a child I was raped, so met with harassment while working, I was not surprised. This was not something new for me, because this is what happened in my family,” he said in an interview with the actress.

“Now we have reached the moment when, finally, it’s time to say no, to fight back. Do it together. And I’m ready for it!”says the celebrity.

Recall that harassment and rape continue to blame celebrities. Came the 61-year-old American illusionist David Copperfield. Former model Brittney Lewis, which has for 40 years, said that David molested her when she was 17 years old.

About this former model told reporters edition of The Wrap. “I remember how he stripped me naked. He kissed my face and then down lower on my body,” began its recognition Brittney.

Met a magician and a model in 1998 in Japan for the beauty pageant. After the event, the young people went to one of the hotels in California to spend time together, socialize and drink. Under the assumptions Brittney, Copperfield slipped some substance into her glass, because she did not remember how ended up in his hotel room. What happened next — the model is not remembered. “In the morning he wanted to convince me that nothing happened last night, because I was a minor. He told me: “I came into you.” Yes, there should be no traces, but he could use a condom.”Brittany suggests.

By the way, this story appeared online a few hours later, after Copperfield posted on Twitter a statement in support of motion Me Too.

“For years I was accused of trumped-up disgusting actions,” — the illusionist refers to the allegations made by the former “Miss Washington” Lacey Carroll in 2007.

“I want Me Too the movement continued to flourish, but it is very important in this case not to rush into accusations,” concluded the celebrity.

Early illusionist accused some model claimed that in 2007, at his Villa in the Bahamas. Copperfield three times forced her to have sex with him. Yesterday office of public Prosecutor has closed a wound on the mage thing: it turned out that the alleged victim girl had once accused of a similar crime to another man, and thus gave the police a false statement. In addition, she is suspected of prostitution. The moral is: before you roll on someone in a barrel, make sure you yourself are clean before the law.