Романтичные каникулы Тины Канделаки обернулись пыткой
The presenter told us about the postponed torment.

Tina Kandelaki

Photo: @tina_kandelaki (Instagram Tina Kandelaki)

Tina Kandelaki became the victim of an unfortunate set of circumstances. The presenter told us about how her romantic trip with her husband to France turned to her nightmare. The fact that almost immediately upon arrival to the Alps Tignes needed medical help — she has too good an ear. But to find the right specialist in the mountains was not so easy. The nearest clinic, where he took an otolaryngologist, was over 100 kilometers away.

“A few words about the French medicine… in the New year had a long argument at the table where the medicine is better. Representative healthcare at our table hard put everyone in the head that our medicine long ago already is not inferior to the world and you can get medical assistance at any time of day and day. And here I am in France. I just need the “ear-throat-nose” — the nose and throat. Needless to say, he’s here for a few resort towns one. From our shelter to go 100 km to get through to him is victory, and to wait for an hour or so, don’t wait at all!” — said Tina.

However, even after visiting a specialist to relieve pain have failed. Instead of skiing and admiring the beautiful scenery, the presenter was sitting in a hotel room. On returning to Russia, exhausted by the pain Tina first appealed to the domestic doctor. “Where in France, you’ll die from the pain, Russia will pump out in 2 hours. For the first time in a week felt like a man… Never with this disease is not encountered, but it is a real nightmare. Take care of your ears!” — advised Kandelaki.