Debut Kharatyan: the cult Soviet film “Drawing” — 40 years

Дебют Харатьяна: культовому советскому фильму «Розыгрыш» — 40 лет
Ten interesting facts from the history of painting.

Дебют Харатьяна: культовому советскому фильму «Розыгрыш» — 40 лет

Natalia Vavilov and Dmitry Kharatyan

Photo: still from the film

10 January 1977, exactly 40 years ago, the screens out the film Vladimir Menshov “Drawing”,
became one of the leaders of the Soviet hire. Musical melodrama about thwarted
a math test and the conflict between two leaders of the graduating class looked over 30
million viewers. Here are some interesting facts from the history of the creation of this picture.

1.The script of the film written by screenwriter Semyon Lungin,
the father of the famous Director Pavel Lungin, a lot of years spent “on the shelf” in
the archives of “Mosfilm”, as it was considered uninteresting and futile.

2. During filming I undertook at that time a recent graduate of the graduate school
VGIK Vladimir Menshov, who at that time managed to only shoot a short film
in the years of study at the Institute. The film “Drawing” became the directorial debut of Vladimir

Дебют Харатьяна: культовому советскому фильму «Розыгрыш» — 40 лет

Eugene Kanaeva

Photo: still from the film

3.Teacher of mathematics Maria V. Devyatova really wanted
to play the star of the Soviet screen Lidia Smirnova and Menchov have seen in this role
only Eugene Kanaeva. But Smirnova’s right to refuse would not, and suggested
both Actresses to audition, after seeing that canonicalname “Mosfilm”
approved picture Hanaeva.

4. By the way, Eugene Kanaeva initially refused to star in “the Lottery”.
Explained that are not yet ready for such a big job in the movie, even advised
Menshov to go theatres and watch other Actresses. But the Director was able
to persuade the Eugene Nikandrovna.

5.In “the Lottery” debuted Dmitry Kharatyan, who played Igor
Grushko, at that time a student of 9th class. Friend girl Galya told him that
Menchov is looking for students in the film, he went with her to an audition and
finally it was approved for the main role.

Дебют Харатьяна: культовому советскому фильму «Розыгрыш» — 40 лет

Andrey Gusev

Photo: still from the film

6.Dmitry Kharatyan recalls that to create an image Grushko him
dyed hair carbon paper, and while he was in the house all the pillowcases
was black.

7. Evdokia Germanova, who played first-class beauty Dasha
Rozanov, and Natalia Vavilova, played a modest student Ty Petrov, to “Draw”
appeared in episodes, and in this picture the first time they got a significant role.

8. The most experienced student actor on the set was Andrei Gusev,
who played the ambitious Oleg Komarovsky, starring to a “Lottery” in five

Nikolay Konstantinov, Dmitry Kharatyan and Alexander Residents

Photo: still from the film

9. In “the Lottery” was first performed the song “Farewell waltz”, no
which still is no prom in high school. By the way, this and
all the other songs in the film was played VIA “Good fellows”.

10. For the film “Drawing” in 1978 the state prize of the RSFSR imeni Krupskoy
was awarded Director Vladimir Menshov, actress Eugene Kanaeva, writer
Semyon Lungin and cameraman Mikhail Bits.