Роман Дженнифер Лопес и Алекса Родригеса принимает серьезный оборот
The actress has already met with the family of her boyfriend.

Роман Дженнифер Лопес и Алекса Родригеса принимает серьезный оборот

Jennifer Lopez


Alex Rodriguez

Photo: @arod Instagram

Jennifer Lopez never ceases to amaze his fans. When
recently it became known about her affair with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, all
thought it was just a flirtation — like what the singer recently
was with rapper Drake. But, it seems that this time Jennifer is much
seriously. She has managed not only to get acquainted with her daughters Alex from his
former marriage, but other family members.

The sister of Rodriguez Susie Demand made it clear that the relationship between Lopez and her brother went to a new level. In his cousin of the basketball player appeared a series of photos in which she was pictured with Jennifer. Both of them looked extremely happy. But the most
what is surprising is how Susie signed pictures. One of the photos she supplied the caption:
“How cute she is!” And the second and all of a sudden: “My daughter-in-law and me.” Otherwise
speaking, sister Alex has hinted that he already thinks Jennifer is a full member of your family!

Roman, Jennifer, and Alex develops unbelievable
speed. Although Lopez and Rodriguez have long been familiar, that they meet
it became known less than two weeks ago. But this time, they have already short
to spend a romantic vacation in the Bahamas. Jennifer and Alex almost every day
together to do in the gym. besides, Lopez, who had never been
noticed in special love for baseball, trying not to miss a single match
team, where her favorite coach. And the other day he made dinner for her at
candles, Casa
Given this pace, we can expect that Rodriguez’s do
Lopez’s proposal of marriage…