Роберт Дауни-младший рассказал о четвертом «Железном человеке»

Permanent performer of the role of Iron man Robert Downey Jr. spoke about the possibility of filming of new movies with this marvelousmoon character.

According to the actor, the fourth “Iron man” will not take place, and that’s the reason because of which Downey Jr thinks so, it appears rather vague and unclear.

Until all the shallows to the side, once that happens with the Avengers, and will be so until the line will not change. If it ever will change,” commented Robert.

The actor also noted that his opinion the fourth part of the “Iron man” has already taken place. It happened in the movie Captain America: “For me, the third film about Captain America is still my little “Iron man 4”, is quoted by Entertainment Weekly actor.

Recall that Iron man is one of the main actors of the upcoming film crossover “the First avenger: the Confrontation”. The character, enlisting the support of the Avengers, comes into confrontation with Captain America and starts the split of the organization.

On a big screen premiere of “the First avenger: the Confrontation” to be held in may this year.


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