Роберт Дауни готовится в третий раз облачиться в костюм Шерлока Холмса
Finalized the script of the film.

a scene from the movie”Sherlock Holmes: a Game of shadows”


announced the Hollywood Studio Warner Bros,
finalized the script for his third movie from the franchise about the adventures of
Sherlock Holmes. For faster and more efficient work on the project, it was decided
assemble a team of five well-known American movie business writers:
Nicole Perlman, Justin Malena, Gary Witt, Geneva Dworet – Robertson and Kieran
Fitzgerald. They also determined the producers of the project. The film, like the first
two films in the franchise, must be guy Ritchie. This was reported in the publication Variety,
specializing in show-business.

For the first time on
that in the foreseeable future will be removed the third film of the movie series about Sherlock,
began March of this year. Then the lead actor — Robert Downey Jr.
decided to please his fans with the news: he announced that the shooting will begin in
2016. Robert said, then, that originally it was planned to start shooting
the next movie immediately after the second (“Game of shadows”), that is
2011. But, as explained 51-year-old actor, due to the extreme employment of all participants
of the project, including the downy and the performer of the role of Dr. Watson — Jude law,
it had to be postponed for five years. “If I could make a film via Skype
that is not gathering in one place, it has long been came to the screens!” — joked
and then Robert.

it turned out, Downey is still a bit hurried, saying that shooting will be started
this year. It is hardly possible, because in the nearest plans of the actor’s work on at least another one
blockbuster — “the Avengers: infinity War. Part 1,” the third part of The …
at least, as reported by the representatives of the Studio, the franchise of Sherlock is
a priority project for Warner Bros. And shooting a new movie will begin in 2017.