Роберт Де Ниро рассказал о болезни сына

Hollywood actor Robert de Niro has caused a lot of controversy when she agreed to appear in the documentary “Vaccinated: from concealment to disaster” (“Vaxxed: From Cover-up To Catastrophe”). Controversial film about the connection of vaccines and autism will be shown at the Tribeca film festival in new York.

The son of 72-year-old co-founder of film festival Robert De Niro Elliot suffers from this incurable disease, said he’s already watched the film in the company of “members of the scientific community” and they approved the show.
“I have a child affected by autism, and I think it is important for parents to know all the possible causes of autism. This issue should be open and freely discussed.
Fifteen years of the festival, I never allowed censorship of films shown. However, for me these topics are very sharp and very personal. I want a broad discussion of this problem and therefore we approved the film to be shown. Personally, I approved it, and I want you all to know that I am not against vaccination. I’m just giving everyone an opportunity to speak on this subject,” he said.
The film says that BOAZ and the American government hide the truth about the consequences of vaccination, in particular, cases of autism tied to her.
The news that a Hollywood actor’s son suffers from autism, had the effect of a bomb. The actor leads a very secretive way of life and closes personal life from everyone. Not surprisingly, about the illness of his child no one knew.


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