Irina Agibalova showed his true colors

Ирина Агибалова показала свое истинное лицо The star of “House-2” decided to be honest with subscribers. Irina Agibalova was not afraid to post a photo without makeup. Fans noted her natural beauty.

      Ирина Агибалова показала свое истинное лицо

      The star of “House-2” Irina Agibalova through participation in reality shows has changed considerably. During his stay on the project, she decided to change dramatically. Irina did a facelift to look much younger than their years. Also Agibalova hard to lose weight and noticeably lost weight. Now fans of the famous celebuski not get tired to admire views of blooming Irina Alexandrovna. However, the star of “House-2” believes that she has nothing to hide your natural look, and therefore decided to be completely honest with their fans. Irina showed how she looks without cosmetics, styling and various color filters.

      “I thought that we are not always here on their pages completely honest with her subscribers. Therefore plucked up courage and took a photo of this moment in my life. When I’m lying with bandaged head in bed because I have a migraine again and I really… Here we are without gloss,” – said Irina to their subscribers.

      I must say that fans are not surprised mind of Irina, and hastened to assure that she looks beautiful without makeup. “Even with this stupid bandage on your head you’re pretty sweet and cute. Don’t get ill”, “Very pretty!”, “You are very good and such in this photo, home, natural, true, sad, get well soon”, – Agibalova was supported by the followers in the microblogging.

      The fact that not so long ago Irina complained to their subscribers on migraine attacks. She reported that addressed the professional, who promised to spare her from the pain. Among fans of celebuski have found many people suffering with this disease, which began to fill up her advice treatment. As noted by myself Agibalov, this may be due to problems with the spine and the nervous strain. Fans recommend the star of “House-2” more to relax and unwind.

      We will remind that not so long ago in a country mansion Irina Agibalova renovated the bathroom. She was pleased with the result, but subscribers came to the real awe of how transformed the room. With worries about repairing the fans tied up the accumulated fatigue and malaise celebrities.

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