Робби Уильямс станет отцом в третий раз
The singer has long wanted to expand the membership of his family.

Robbie Williams with his wife

Photo: Instagram.com

Robbie Williams has pleased his friends and fans,
announcing that he and his wife “actively working on a third child.” “We try
as soon as you can!” — said the singer reporter for the newspaper the Sun on Sunday. Robbie and his wife who have been married for five years, already have two kids — a three year old Teddy and 21-month-old Charlton. And spouses liked to educate
their children that they wanted to Supplement their “team”.

Robbie dreamt about another child almost from the day
as the light appeared Charlton. But he knew that his wife would be difficult with three
these young kids, and decided to wait at least until my youngest is a little older. And here
now he has decided that now is the time to give Teddy and Charlton
a little brother or sister.

“When Charlie still was born, Teddy was initially from
this is not too great delight. But now everything has changed – kids are just
love each other. They play a lot
together. And in the evenings when I read to them a book, they listen to me sitting in
the arms!” — told the IDA.

Not surprisingly, with such an idyll that reigns in
family, Ayda fully share the enthusiasm of her husband about
need to have another baby. Moreover, it sure will not be without
the help of his wife. “Robby is just an amazing father. First of all,
all wonder how he manages to combine a career with caring for the family.
And he’s not just helping me — he tries as often as possible to be there, and
not only performs the duties of a father, but assumes a significant part
my work!” — proudly told IDA.

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