Робби Уильямс сообщил о серьезном психическом расстройстве As it turned out, at times the popular musician can’t cope with them. In recognition of Robbie Williams, for a long time he suffers from a rare disease. The artist tried to overcome his addiction, but all his attempts came to nothing lead.
Робби Уильямс сообщил о серьезном психическом расстройстве

Fans noticed that the face 43-year-old singer Robbie Williams is slightly swollen. Artist suspected of fascination with beauty treatments. To explain the conjectures of the public, the musician decided on a Frank admission. Robbie explained the change in your look health problems.

According to Williams, this year he is struggling with a rare disease. The musician is suffering from an unusual form of mental disorders – sleepwalking and overeating unconsciously during sleep. Particularly strong actor “overlaps” on harmful products. Due to the fact that Robbie is unable to control the amount of calories consumed, it is periodically gaining extra pounds.

“It’s very strange. I sleep, get up and eat, eat, eat… I don’t understand how this happens. (…) I don’t want cabbage, I want sugar and lean on him. This is very strange, and because of this problem I have to carefully control your diet throughout the day. All the pleasure I can afford, I get on during sleep” – shared the singer.

Close popular artist tried to help him overcome himself and stop to look in the fridge at night, but all their attempts were not crowned with success. Robbie Williams continues to eat tasty and unhealthy food-despite the efforts of relatives. However, he apparently refers to his frustration with humor.

“My mother told me, “Just lift your chin higher, because you seem to put on weight”. Thank you, mom!” – joked the artist.

Recall that last week, Robbie Williams announced the release of a new album called Under The Radar Volume 2. Its cover was very controversial and provocative: in the photo you showed is an artist, he climbs naked on a tree. According to Williams, the record will include previously unreleased tracks they recorded over the past twenty years solo career.

Робби Уильямс сообщил о серьезном психическом расстройстве“Perhaps I should have included these songs in the earlier albums, but I was busy writing new hits. This song, which I’m very proud of, they are awesome! In General, a lot of great songs missing, I always want to do something new,” – with these words the performer appealed to many fans.