«Соперница» Пелагеи чувствует себя оскорбленной после скандала
The girl, who is credited with an affair with a hockey player, told the truth.

Karina Lebedev and Ivan Telegin

Photo: Social networks

Kiss Karina Lebedeva and Ivan Telegin at his birthday party continues vigorously debated in the Network. The girl is credited with an affair with a hockey player, but she insists that it is not “repulsed” Pelagie spouse. Kiss, they say, was taken out of context, congratulations. Anyway, she claims that familiar with Ivan since childhood.

“Yes, you calm down! Do not make such assumptions. You even have no idea what relationship I have to the family Telegin. I will answer you personally. I knew him back then, when many did not know how the word hockey to write!” — says Karina. While many fans Pelagia confused review singer about a possible cheating husband. In it she hinted that Karina — “the girl of easy virtue.”

“All I can say is, we’re all good. Let no one going through. For the behavior of girls of easy virtue, neither I nor my husband do not bear responsibility”, — said the artist.

This statement provoked a wave of aggression fans Pelagia. In the microblog Lebedeva reported with insults and accusations of immoral behavior. Karina asks the Network user to stop the flow of mud in her address. “Now mass trend of insults. Just, wherever you look, on any page so much negativity… in the addresses of the people among themselves in the comments… dear friends, you with that mouth then their children to kiss, from which he rained. Be kind as possible. And understand situations before “to assess”, she said to fans Pelagia.